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Chef Emeril Lagasse's Simple 'Roasted Broccoli' Recipe Couldn't Be Any Easier

Fall is the perfect time for roasting vegetables. All those sweet root veggies, like acorn and butternut squash, make the house smell like heaven as they caramelize. TikTok content creator @chefemerillagasse reminds us about roasting one vegetable we always seem to forget.

You won't be eating soggy broccoli again! This chef-approved tip for roasted broccoli couldn't be easier!

You would think a tip from Emeril would be hard, but it couldn't be more painless. Let’s be honest, steamed broccoli does not provide us with that "Ooo-La-La" kind of feeling. It’s soggy, and it’s really boring. To easily elevate this veggie, simply break the broccoli apart, toss it in olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, then roast it for 18-25 minutes, at 450 degrees. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

This beautiful green accompanies a tray of sweet root veggies so beautifully. Even leftover roasted broccoli is nice to eat the next day all by itself. You could also use the leftovers on a white pizza with ricotta and chicken. Yum! We're so grateful for roasting the reminder!

The audience was also happy to bring this vegetable back on the menu, and viewer @GopiPriya commented, “I have yet to find a vegetable that isn’t better roasted. My favorite is roasted radishes.” Hmm, we haven’t tried that, but we're going to! Viewer @KristyHawksHoffsch recommends, “Add a little Parmesan and… perfection!” That’s another great tip!  

Everyone agreed on one thing; we all miss seeing Emeril on his show each week, but we are glad we can still follow him and be reminded of all his great ideas!