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Woman's Family Recipe for 'Enchiladas Suizas' Is As Authentic As It Gets

Growing up, we’re exposed to many family traditions. We might gather together and watch the weekly football game in the fall. Or we could go to the beach every weekend in the summer. Perhaps the traditions in your family include dinners. Everyone can benefit from a family dinner. It’s a terrific time to come together, catch up on the news, and enjoy a delicious meal. What your family eats will differ. But it’s essential to ensure your family recipes are used and passed down to the next generation.

In a TikTok video by content creator @stellanspice’s, she shares her family’s Enchiladas Suiza’s recipe. We don’t know how you like your enchiladas, but we know you’ll like viewing this recipe. This traditional dish is easy to make at home!

Those Enchiladas Suiza’s look incredible. We’re ready to taste them now. Let’s see how the TikTok community felt about this yummy meal. User @foodwithmichel said, “It’s one of my favorite dishes too.” @vanessa9450hendrix revealed, “My jaw dropped, @Leann.” @jacque4266kim replied, “To look like this, @Pamela.” @precious.potato admitted, “Thank you for sharing this! It means a lot to people like me who weren’t taught their culture.” @Kels wrote, “Looks so good. Enchiladas Suizas are my fav.” @Ryan Turley remarked, “This looks incredible, hermana.” @Calliewiggles wrote, “Looks really great. I see people boiling the chicken, and I bet yours is way better. Thanks for posting.”

We understand some people want to stick with tradition. But if you find an easier or better way to complete a recipe step, we encourage you. If you liked the recipe and want to see more, please visit @stellanspice’s TikTok channel. It’s full of the content you want to see.