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Girls Fascinated By Ex-Amish Roommate Who Churns Butter Right In Their Living Room

Over the years, the lives of Amish people have been captured in several reality shows and made-for-TV-movies. Something is captivating about this group of people. They live a very simple life. However, they’ve disclosed more about their culture as their popularity increased. One of the many unique qualities of the Amish is they don’t use electricity. They rely on other heat sources like natural gas, according to

The Amish rely on using their hands to make things, including foods. In a recent video by TikToker @pilweg, her ex-Amish roommate’s life skills are displayed. Honestly, she seems pretty useful to have around. Check out the video and get ready to gasp.

I know we’re still shocked by the amount of butter she churned. TikTok viewers are impressed too. User @car said, “This woman never ceases to amaze me. She needs her own show.”

User @:( replied, “She is truly the gift that keeps on giving.” 

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TikToker @milan disclosed, “I would trade all my pop culture knowledge for basic Amish skills in a heartbeat.”

It sounds like @pilweg should take the opportunity to produce more videos with her roommate using her Amish skills. As expressed by @carley, who wrote, “I live for the ex-Amish roommate series.” 

We’d like to see it too. I hope @pilweg makes our dream come true.

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