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Woman Tries to Trick Her Niece With a Fake 'Happy Meal' and the Results Are Surprising

Kids are the best people when it comes to food. Have you ever watched a young child eat? They really know how to be in the moment. Every meal is an experience for them. That’s because they haven’t been conditioned to rush through their meal. They aren’t on an adult schedule yet. The good qualities of kids don’t stop there. Children can tell when something is different. You could offer them a bowl of off-brand and name-brand cereal, and they’ll be able to spot the faker. But it’s not just cereal that children can tell the difference.

In a recent viral TikTok video by content creator @therealdestinymarilyn, she shares an adorable moment with her niece. In the video, @therealdestinymarilyn makes her niece a fake McDonald's chicken nuggets Happy Meal. We love the attention to detail. Parents everywhere need to try this!

Her niece’s reaction was low-key hilarious. We could tell she knew it wasn’t a genuine McDonald’s Happy Meal, but she was appreciative and ate it anyway. Let’s see how the TikTok community felt about the fake Happy Meal. User @LeeJustBrowsing wrote, “You should put the ‘she knows’ sound over it. LOL.” @Jairo Campo said, “I would notice SO fast, but I’m an adult with 20+ years of eating McDonald’s, so.” @Samantha Wallace joked, “Not her inspecting it like she knew something was up.” @WhatEddieLikes replied, “She knew. Y’all really put a Ziplock in a Happy Meal.” 

We love a good prank, especially when everyone enjoys it. Her niece knew it wasn’t the real deal but finished her meal and played with her dinosaur toy. If you enjoyed the video as we did, please visit @therealdestinymarilyn’s TikTok channel. Perhaps she’ll film her niece learning it wasn’t real.

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