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Simple 'One-Pan' Fall Meal Prep Idea Couldn't Be Easier

We all love those mess-free, one-pan recipes for our weeknight meals. TikTok content creator @eatwitherika shares her recipe for an ultra-easy, one-pan fall meal and it’s looking mighty tasty. This easy idea will become part of your weekly menu!

You’ll fall in love with this effortless meal!

How good does that look? We love when we can make dinner using only a sheet pan; it’s our favorite way to cook. This very smart and super easy meal starts with broccoli, Brussels sprouts, diced carrots and red onion. For the meat, she uses sliced Trader Joe’s chicken sausage. Then she adds a swish of olive oil, maple syrup and seasonings like oregano thyme, garlic and red pepper. Once everything has been combined, it goes into the oven to bake. When it comes out, you have an easy and healthy dinner all ready to go. 

This versatile meal can be adjusted to suit your individual tastes. It can also be easily adapted to the seasons, and you can enjoy whatever is fresh at the time. Butternut squash, zucchini or fresh tomatoes would all be beautiful in this dish too. If you’re looking for a few carbohydrates, a nice piece of fresh bread, wild rice or quinoa would accompany this veggie-rich meal beautifully.

The audience was impressed with this recipe, and viewer @Olly commented, “We also needed THIS.” We did too, and we are sure there are many who will agree. Viewer @jordan noted, "A superior combo.” We think this mix is a wonderful blend as well. 

We love ideas that make our lives easier, especially when they are healthy and full of veggies. We'll be giving this recipe a try this week!