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Mom Serves Kids Like They’re at a Fancy Restaurant and Their Reactions Are Everything

Many people love fine dining. Dressing up and going out feels great after the past few years we’ve endured. However, some people might not have the funds to experience a four- or five-star restaurant. That’s okay because you can bring the magic of succulent cuisine into your home. In a recent TikTok video by user @shenavici, she shows us how to treat children to a fancy meal.

Not only is @shenavici cooking for three kids, but she’s setting the bar high for all moms. Her dinner consists of three elegantly presented courses. Her kids’ reactions to the mini tacos, pasta, and spinach is creating a frenzy. What a fun idea to create a restaurant experience at home!

Isn’t her family amazing? Her children truly appear thankful for the delicious food. Plus, mom is patient and kind when speaking with them. In a chaotic world like ours, positive examples of families are essential. But we’re not the only ones feeling the love from this video. TikTok users have plenty to say too. User @lay wrote, “How cute. ‘Thank you, ma’am, for everything.’” User @Zero joked, “I’d actually like children if they were all this well-mannered.” @Chelse’ Perry replied, “This is so freaking cute! I’d like to make a reservation, please.”

Yes, we’d like to make a reservation, too. The food and atmosphere make this a wonderful place to eat. Her kids get to enjoy tasty food and learn how to show respect. If you loved this glimpse in to @shenavici’s life, check out her TikTok for more family moments.

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