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Woman Shares 'Genius' Fast-Food Hack but People Have Opinions

Life on the go can get hectic. You understand the struggle if you’re a parent or someone with a busy schedule. Tring to balance life with work responsibilities can feel overwhelming. Finding time to have a social life is challenging. But if your life revolves around driving your vehicle, setting a time to eat might be difficult. Many of us have attempted to eat in the car. Often it goes well until you spill your drink or drop food. However, there are ways to make car eating more functional.

In a TikTok video by content creator @_random.sam, she shares her hack for eating fast food in the car. We honestly never thought to attempt this idea. There are pros and cons to it. Not everyone is sold on this idea.

Yes, she found a way to sit her food on the drink. The idea is creative. If done correctly, it’ll help you sip and eat while on the go. Let’s see if the TikTok community is okay with her hack. User @newelleckhard922 Newell disclosed, “Beautiful and intelligent. I love her.” @Justin Chapman said, “I can already see some college frat boy doing this to show off and making his boys feel like they’ve lived under a rock.” @upyoyrs wrote, “Thank you, that’s awesome.” 

We’re happy some viewers were pleased. But not everyone was thrilled. User @Boring585 said, “Everyone’s seen this, and nobody does it.” @Michael McDonald exclaimed, “And drive while doing that! Yeah, that’s safe!” Okay, so this method isn’t for everyone. But we appreciate the post. If you enjoyed this video, please visit @_random.sam’s TikTok channel for more interesting content.

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