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Woman's Videos of 'Fast-Food Nobody Remembers' Are Making People Nostalgic

Going to McDonald’s triggers fond childhood memories for many of us. No other restaurant has a Happy Meal with a free toy on its menu. Plus, their fries are the best. Sorry, there’s no negotiating that one. However, over the years, McDonald’s has grown and changed. Some items have stayed like the cheeseburger, Big Mac, and apple pie. But there are other items we’ve seen come and go.

A recent video series by TikTok content creator @thatgirlwiththeeyeliner takes us down memory lane. If you enjoy watching videos about popular items from days gone by, this series is for you. Get ready to reminisce. These videos are a blast from the past!

OMG, those cookies were yummy. Are other TikTok users wishing McDonald’s still sold these things? @Paige Bethany said, “Ahhh, I really forgot about these. These were the BEST!” @ Goku Unleashed shared, “These used to be so fireeeee!” @Shala replied, “OMG, I forgot about these until you just showed them!!!” @Alie Anne disclosed, “You can still get them here in Australia.” Wow, thanks for cutting us off, McDonald’s. But at least this following comment is helpful. @morgandonahue341 suggested, “ALDIs animal cookies taste the exact same.” It might be time to make an ALDIs run. But before we go, two more videos are bringing up nostalgic feels.

Now we're a little jealous of the food McDonald's used to serve. Those Apple Dippers were delicious. It's a shame McDonald's decided to scrap them. However, if you liked that video, wait until you see the other retro snack @thatgirlwiththeeyeliner found.

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Wow! The Apple Dippers and Shake ‘Em Up Fries were fun and tasty. Kids got exercise in while prepping their fries. Those restaurants knew kids like to play with their food. While many parents are cutting fast food out of their children’s diets, the apples could still make a comeback. But please bring the sauce.

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