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Tempting 'Baked Feta and Artichoke Dip' Is a Major Crowd-Pleaser

If you’ll be making a dip for the upcoming holiday, you’ll want to take a look at this baked feta and artichoke dip. This is not your average mayonnaise and sour cream party dip. It has some serious style! TikTok content creator @dishingouthealth shows us how to make one of the fanciest dips we may have ever seen.

This is not the kind of dip you’ll find at the grocery store.

That recipe looks beyond sensational. This savory dip starts by chopping artichokes and adding them to a creamy mixture of feta, yogurt, mayonnaise, and cheese. Then it goes into the oven and when it comes out, it’s topped with a zesty olive and pine nut gremolata. She recommends serving this dip with grilled crostini, warm pita bread, or pita chips. Sounds sensational to us! 

We love artichokes around the holidays, but they can be so difficult to prepare. This easy recipe is the perfect way to bring that Italian tradition to the table, without all the work of stuffing artichokes. If the flavor of olive isn't your favorite, we would be curious to know if they could be substituted for a mix of capers, pine nuts and artichokes on top instead. Sounds like a good excuse to take this dip for a test run.

The audience was so speechless most were using emojis. Viewer @AnnemarieValliere said, “Holy God in Heaven, that is beautiful!!!” And the recipe's creator @dishingouthealth replied, “Haha thank you, my friend! It’s truly so delicious!” It really does look amazing! 

We love recipes that help us elevate our entertaining. It'll be making an appearance on our holiday table this year for sure.