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Food Network Cooking Show's Hilarious Prank Has Us Cracking Up

Do you get excited when you see pranks being pulled? Yes, we love a good scare too. But what happens if a joke goes a little too far?

TikTok content creator @foodnetwork shared a clip of their cooking show, The Kitchen. A hilarious prank was pulled, but it resulted in a co-host taking a tumble. We hope she is okay.

Everything seemed fine as the hosts were laughing and dancing together. But then the unexpected hand rose through the dish on the counter. Within seconds one of the startled hosts tripped and fell out of fright. While it might have initially seemed hilarious, we were waiting for her to stand up and show us she was uninjured. Thankfully, she seemed okay. However, the image of her falling can’t be unseen.

Let’s see how the TikTok viewers felt about it. User @jakegyllenhaalupinmyguts wrote, “Worker’s Comp IMMEDIATELY!” @Adriane observed, “Sonny fell, and they made absolutely no attempts to help her up…none.” @Mo said, “Someone got cussed completely out afterward. I just know it. Did y'all see the glare in her eyes? That's code for. It’s on now for whoever planned this.” @Andrea Morales wrote, “Why didn’t Katie help her? LOL.” @Kristina replied, “Giving George Costanza ‘pushes kids out of the way during fire alarm’ vibe.” @trippyliz remarked, “I wait all year for this.” @heidihubbert exclaimed, “Those two are NOT your real friends! LOL.”

Yes, we’re thankful that Sunny was okay. However, we would have helped our co-worker off of the floor. If you enjoyed this comical clip, visit @foodnetwork’s TikTok channel. 

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