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Simple Recipe Promises 'Foolproof' Artisan-Style Bread and We're Totally Sold

We didn’t know that we wanted to make artisan bread until we saw this video. Now that we’ve seen how easy it is, buying bread at the store is going to feel like a crime. TikTok content creator @cookingwithshereen shows us how to make an easy and sensational artisan bread in our own kitchens.

This artisan-style bread will make everyone happy to be home! Did we mention she ensures the recipe is foolproof?

That warm, crusty bread looks unbelievable. We had no idea a beautiful artisan-style bread could be so easy! She shows us every step so we can all make this today with confidence. As she makes the dough, she adds water until it reaches the desired texture. Texture, she tells us, is more important than exact measurements. 

Once the desired consistency has been reached, she covers it and allows it to proof for 5 to 8 hours. Great news if you’d like to start the bread in the morning and then bake it right before dinner. For baking this bread, she uses a pre-heated Dutch oven. The bread first bakes with the lid on, and then it finishes with the lid off to get a nice golden, crusty top! You can just hear how it good it must taste, as she slices the first piece! Just wow!

If we're being honest, when we make this bread, it might actually be the main attraction. The only thing it needs is a nice, soft and salty butter on the side. If you’re wondering how makable this recipe really is, viewer @Mdagger commented, “I’ve made this bread a few times since your last video about this, and it works every time! We love it.” Yay, that’s great to know!

Keto diets are for another day. We can’t get this bread into our oven fast enough!