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Here's How To Score a Free Starbucks Drink While On Your Target Run

Doing a Target run is part of a balanced lifestyle. The smell of popcorn envelopes everyone who enters the store. The shelves are neatly lined with all the clothing, toys, and home décor products anyone would need. Shopping at Target makes you feel at home. But did you know you could get a free Starbucks beverage during your next visit?

TikTok user latest video enlightens viewers with valuable information. The video shows how to get your free drink at the Starbucks inside Target. Take a look at user @_sydniiii trip to learn how you can do it too.

Our minds are blown! That’s a fantastic gesture from Starbucks. When @_sydniiii returns to the counter to ask about getting a free refill while you're still in the store, the staff is polite. They asked her which drink she wanted and proceeded to complete the order, all she had to do was simply ask. However, the comments are mixed about whether all Target stores allow this practice. 

@ChillColeWorld replied, “More reason to never leave Target.” 

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But @Sylvia Gonzalez said, “At our Target you can’t get your drink until you’re leaving the store. You can’t walk around with the drink inside.” Hmm, it sounds as though not all Targets are the same.

The next time you’re inside a Target, start out by gettin a drink and see if you can score a refill before the trek home. It’ll be a delightful parting gift that compels you to return. As if you weren’t coming back next week anyway.

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