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Video Showing Typical After-School Snack for French Kids Has Us in Total Envy

As the afternoon wears down, kids start to watch the clock. They know that soon they’ll be free of the classroom. Getting out of school is the best part of the day for students. They’ve got all this energy ready to go somewhere. So, of course, they’ll go running through the doors, prepared to embrace the remainder of the day. Nothing offers more relief to a kid straight out of school than a snack. After-school snacks are the best. Nowadays, anything tastes better after eating cafeteria food. But making a yummy after-school snack really perks kids up.

In a TikTok video by content creator @isabellebertolami, she shares her After School Snack for French Kids. It’s not the typically processed sugar snack many kids gobble up. This sure beats a snack-size bag of chips.

We’re completely in awe of the baguette smeared with chocolate sauce. We’d love to have this for our After School snack. Let’s see if TikTok viewers would make this for their kids or themselves. User @Sara Aguilar revealed, “Spanish kids have it too. We call it Merienda.” @Xohalleyox replied, “This is why I am meant to live in France.” @Dudley Gooch joked, “I’m moving to France and enrolling in elementary school.” @Laura disclosed, “Okay, I literally made this for my French class in middle school, and I had to redo the assignment because my teacher said it wasn’t authentic.” 

We’re so sorry your teacher thought your assignment wasn’t authentic. We hope she learns that French kids really do eat this snack. If you enjoyed this After School Snack, please visit @isabellebertolami’s TikTok channel. You’ll find all kinds of French content you don’t want to miss.

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