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Easy 'French Bread Pizza Sauce' Recipe Will Make You Kick Store-Bought to the Curb

If you’re a pizza lover, you probably enjoy trying different slices when traveling. There’s nothing like discovering a new pizza shop that produces impressive pies. Pizza is a popular food, so you can taste it when it isn’t made with love. But there is a solution to mediocre pizza. You can make your own. Yes, we know. You don’t want to go through the steps. Hear us out before saying no. When you make a pizza, you choose what goes on it and in it. That’s the type of power you want in life. We've got one for you if you’re down with trying a pizza recipe.

In a TikTok video, content creator @chilipeppercooks’ shares his recipe for French Bread Pizza Sauce. Yes, we said French Bread Pizza Sauce. Don’t let the idea of making sauce scare you. Trust us. You’ll want to try it after watching the video. How can a French bread pizza look so good?

Wow! His French Bread Pepperoni Pizza looks fantastic. We’d gobble up that entire pizza within minutes. Note to self, “make more than one pizza.” But seriously, his recipe is simple yet yummy. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers reacted to it. User @yazeed lakhi wrote, “Love watching your videos. I will be trying a few out.” @^^ revealed, “I’m hungry now. Thanks.” @Leena Abed admitted, “I make mine just like that too.” @OLI_K1308 replied, “That looks soooo nice.” @Rivaan Satdeo said, “Goat as always. Looking awesome, brother.” @Groovy 456 remarked, “Why yes, it is a good sauce for pizza and Tai chili pepper.”

We agree it is a good sauce. We’re delighted people are ready to rush into the kitchen to make it. If you enjoyed the video and want more content, visit @chilipeppercooks’ TikTok channel. You’ll be happy you did.