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French Chef's Secret to Cutting an Onion Without Crying Has People Captivated

Onions are a staple in so many recipes, as they add so much flavor and depth to our meals. But as everyone knows all too well, cutting onions can be a real chore, especially if you get a pungent one that makes you cry. Aside from wearing some sort of protective goggles, it can be pretty tough to avoid onion tears, which is unfortunate. However, a new TikTok video shared by @thebeccamurray just might change all that.

The clip shows a French chef teaching a cooking class, and he shares his secret trick for how to cut onions without crying. Needless to say, people are pretty captivated by what he revealed.

Ok, so we know it's a little hard to follow along with each step. And something tells us this takes practice to perfect the movement, you know, without slicing a finger off. But is this hack a kitchen game-changer, or what? There are plenty of fans of this video, and people jumped right into the comments to give their two cents about the trick. @Elly joked, "The key to not crying is to not get emotionally attached to the onion 😌." HA! We'll bet that works, too. 

Another TikTok user, @Knifty added, "This is one of the best explanations as to why the crying doesn't happen. We always called it the choo-choo train method." Whatever you call it, it's pretty smart. Then there was @Courtney Walsh who loved the tip, saying, "Thank you for this. I cut an onion without contacts in for the first time, and I was on the floor." And @Hunter Niland Wellling made a great point about TikTok videos in general, saying, "The high quality education I get from this app for free amazes me." It's so true!

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We'll definitely plan on trying this out the next time a recipe calls for chopped onions. And if it doesn't work? Guess there's no sense in crying about it.

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