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French Family Tries Tamales for the First Time and Their Reactions Are Unexpected

We love trying cuisine from around the world. It adds some razzle dazzle to our sometimes repetitive diet. We are blessed to have endless restaurant options in our country. You can indulge in Indian food for lunch. But switch to Jamaican for dinner. Now with delivery apps like GrubHub and DoorDash, it’s easier than ever to try foods from multiple eateries. However, what happens when visiting the states and someone asks you to try food from another country? 

In a TikTok video from content creator @jonnym0rales, he shares footage of his girlfriend’s French family tasting his tamales for the first time. Guess tamales aren't up to par with French cuisine.

The French family was very polite even though they obviously didn’t care for the tamales. That may not be their fault. Perhaps the tamales weren’t seasoned well or too dry, as one of the family members mentioned. Maybe if they try another Mexican food, they would enjoy it more. Let’s see how the TikTok community felt about this French family’s reaction. User @Bianca Monique said, “Buddy is eating it like a hot pocket.” @Kendrick Palacios noticed, “They didn’t like it at all! They were being polite, though. LOL.” @SamMarie<(^.^)> replied, “The masa on tamales shouldn’t be dry, though. LOL.” @GoofyJamz remarked, “Bruh, you didn't give salsa, crema Mexicana. Just disappointed. Give them the full experience or the banana leaf Tamales.”

We understand that people’s taste in food is subjective. But we also realize not all tamales are good tamales. Let’s hope his next attempt at making tamales goes better. If you enjoyed this video, please visit @jonnym0rales’ TikTok channel. You won’t know what to expect.

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