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Man's 'French Fry Spoons' With Homemade Ketchup Are the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Are you a fan of fried foods? Great! We love them too! Fried foods are a guilty pleasure we all enjoy. Of course, it’s essential to eat fried foods in moderation. Yes, we have healthier oil options that don’t have trans fat. But frying foods isn’t the most nutritional method of cooking. If you’re allowing yourself the opportunity to indulge in fried foods, may we recommend French fries? We know you’ve probably eaten them hundreds of times. However, today’s recipe is a bit different.

In a TikTok video by content creator @thejoshelkin, he shares his recipe for French Fry Spoons. Yes, you read that correctly. He has created a way to have your fried spoons and eat them too. This is the most genius idea ever.

We love the idea of making French Fries in the shape of a spoon. They allow you to scoop up ketchup and eat the utensil when you’re finished. It’s a win/win situation. Fewer dishes to wash and more food to eat. Let’s see if the TikTok community enjoys this inventive idea. User @kinley 💟 said, “This is perfect for vanilla milkshakes.” @YouAThirstyBitch wrote, “This with homemade ranch. Yeah!” @UntitledBeing remarked, “People may not see the point in this. But that’s because they have no inner child.” @JohnnysMomma 💙 revealed, “That’s a cute, fun idea for the kids!”

Yes, we love this idea for kids of all ages. However, the little guys and girls will probably love this on their plate. If you enjoyed this recipe and want to see more, visit @thejoshelkin’s TikTok channel. It’s full of creative content you have to see to believe.

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