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New Jersey Restaurant's 'French Onion Soup Pizza' Is a Sight to Behold

Don’t you just love French onion soup? It’s one of those perfect cold weather meals that warms you from head to toe. The creamy cheese with the crunch around the edges, and those sweet caramelized onions with the salty broth and tasty crouton that soaks it all up. How dreamy! 

TikTok content creator @devourpower shows us a whole new way to eat French onion soup. You won’t be able to guess this innovative idea, and you will be so impressed with this unique and creative twist! This must taste unbelievable! French onion soup on pizza? Yes, please! 

We can’t even! This pizza looks like a heavenly dream, and you can find it at Tony Boloneys in Hoboken, New Jersey. The extra caramelized onions with the salty, tangy aged mozzarella and then the nutty creaminess of the Gruyère is to die for. Angels are singing! Instead of a crouton, you get a chewy, yummy crust. We are dying to try this! We wish we could be so creative. This lovely marriage of soup and pizza has us drooling at our desks.

After seeing the video, even skeptics were willing to give this a try. @Jared Conner commented, “I said no, but I think I’d actually love it. And another viewer, @_.halimatou.x said, “Do you have a French onion soup to dip the pizza in as well?” We didn’t think it was possible to level up this idea, but we sure think it sounds nice to dip the crust into a warm broth. Yum! In case you were wondering if this pizza is legit, @Elle tell us, “This place has some of the best pizza I’ve ever eaten.” We believe it! 

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