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French Man Shares Classic Food That French People Don't Actually Eat and We're Shook

Say it isn't so! There are classic Parisian dishes that are popular American meals that are not really eaten by the locals in Paris? We had no idea! TikTok content creator @frenchguytheo shares the cold, hard truth about one of our French favorites. He just started a new video series listing French foods that French people don't actually eat, and we honestly don't know what to say.

After seeing this, you might feel a little confused. And hungry.

It’s really hard to believe that rich French onion soup, with those gorgeous caramelized onions, crusty cheese and spongy bread, is not popular with Parisians. After all, bread, cheese, (and wine) are exactly what we think about when we picture Paris. And the soup even has "French" in the name. How is this dish not popular? Come on Paris, this isn’t just for tourists. Let this soup into your lives! It’s one of the best things you can eat!

Viewers were equally stunned to learn this information, and @JosephFrank tells the creator, “Considering you have access to some of the best ingredients and culinary establishments in the world, it would be a waste to wait any longer to try it.” We concur! Viewer @PhilShoreditch mentions that this dish is popular outside of Paris. “It’s more common in Lyon. People even have it when coming back from a nightclub or at the end of a party.” That sure makes us feel better! If we find ourselves out drinking wine late one evening in France, we might have to give this a try. 

We sure learned some great cultural information today from @frenchguytheo, and we hope he continues to teach us more about real life in Paris.