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Mom Shares Lunch Menu From Her Toddler’s Daycare in France and We’re Shook

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mother, father, teacher, or caregiver. You know that kids can be picky eaters. Some kids won’t eat broccoli or pork chops. Others will have a handful of go-to meals and eat nothing else. Then there are kids you have to bribe or trick to eat practically anything. If your child falls into that category, you have our empathy. But if you get creative with your kid’s food options, you might be able to find more meals they’re willing to consume.

In a TikTok video by content creator @isabellebertolami, she reviews her daughter’s meal menu at her French public daycare. Let’s just say the French really know how to dine. Her toddler eats better than adults at 5-star restaurants!

Yes, you heard her correctly! Those are the decadent dishes her toddler gets to eat at her French daycare. But honestly, it doesn’t surprise us. If you review school lunches in other countries, you’ll see they set the bar much higher than American schools. People are seriously impressed and were quick to comment on this video. User @sera filiz said, “This is amazing. I can’t get over the idea of the kids choosing between turkey and fish. It’s too cute.” @Rose revealed, “These kids eat better for one meal than I do for a week as an adult!” @SugarT disclosed, “If it weren’t for the French schools feeding me like this, I would have no concept of what meals should look like.”

People are happy and a bit envious of the French lunches in daycares. We wouldn’t mind eating some of those delicious salads and entrees complete with cutlery and glasses. If you found this video helpful, check out @isabellebertolami’s TikTok channel for more French daycare menu options and other mom-related content.

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