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Easy 'Fridge Clean-Out Pasta' Recipe Makes Food Waste a Thing of the Past

Are you guilty of forgetting about the vegetables sitting in your fridge, which leads to them rotting and being thrown out? It's the worst feeling to basically throw your money in the trash can along with them. Plus, wasting food just feels so morally wrong, too. But thanks to TikTok user @maryelouis, you'll never have to worry about tossing your veggies to the curb again.

She shared a video a few days ago that's going viral with over 1.3 million views and counting. It features her famous "fridge clean-out pasta" recipe, which is simple, quick, and looks pretty darn incredible. If you're a fan of using what you have on hand to make easy dinners, you'll want to check out this recipe for sure.

Um, how delicious does that pasta look? And you know it tastes incredible, what with the creamy, semi-homemade sauce and all. TikTok users are huge fans of the video and can't wait to try the recipe. A lot of them threw in their own tips for using up leftover veggies as well! @Lily Ward suggested, "Depending on the veggies you have, you can also do a stir-fry or fajitas!" Another commenter, @Tiffany added, "I threw mine in a crustless quiche yesterday. Super easy!" And @angelaaccurso chimed in with, "You can also chop them up and throw them in the freezer and when you’re ready, you can make a broth! I do that with the ends and skins of veggies."

These are all such great tips to keep in our back pockets! One thing's for sure, this fridge clean-out pasta is one dish we'll be putting on repeat week after week.

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