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Woman’s Viral Burger Hack Has People Talking for More Reasons Than One

We all love a good burger. It’s top comfort food for many of us. The juicy patty is sandwiched between your choice of lettuce, tomato, or onions on a soft bun. Talk about perfection! However, even a tried-and-true meal can get boring after a while. We have burgers without buns, bean burgers, and even quesadilla burgers. Keep reading if you’re ready for a new way to enjoy your burger.

The TikTok couple @syllygirl is back with a new burger hack that puts a spin on the typical burger meal. We honestly didn’t see it coming. With over 17 million views, this video is creating quite the buzz.

For those of you who are familiar with @syllygirl, you may have noticed she’s flying solo this time. And if you aren’t? Basically, her husband used to be part of her videos, and then people got all bent out of shape about him talking too much. The previous comments protesting her hubby’s talking throughout the videos have apparently silenced him. However, some people want him back. Let’s see what else the TikTok community is saying. User @redhex03 stated, “AINT NO WAY YALL ARE ASKING FOR THE GUY WHEN YALL BULLIED HIM.” @most_honest_person said, “He can talk. Just a little bit. Not as much as he used to.”

While many had a lot to say about her husband’s absence, there were comments about the burger. @dom_castaneda said, “That looks good.” @alicia asked, “How is everyone bashing on this? Do y’all NOT put fries on your McDonald’s cheeseburgers? Because I sure do.” User @Elie jested, “This is why we pay for healthcare in America. I want one. LOL” This burger might not be your cup of tea, but grab your ingredients and have some fun if you’re ready to be adventurous. Could you send us one while you’re at it?