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Man’s Recipe for ‘Fried Cereal’ Is Creating Quite a Buzz

Over the years, people have gotten adventurous with their food experiments. Thanks to those forward thinkers, we can now munch on deep-fried Oreos. But those aren’t the only nifty snacks to hit our stomachs. You can have bagels covered in cookies or cereal if you love bagels. Or you can buy a cheeseburger topped with peanut butter and jelly. Oh, the skies the limit with what you can cook when hunger hits.

In a TikTok video by content creator @andyslife247, he puts his imagination to the test. He decides to make fried cereal. Yes, he fried some cereal. We were astonished at the idea. Fried ice cream exists, but fried cereal sounds fantastic! Now, this is something we never would’ve thought to try.

Yes, we want a bowl of it now! Why hasn’t someone fried up some cereal before? It seems like a no-brainer now that it’s an actual thing. But none of us thought of it. Let’s see if the TikTok community wants to try this new breakfast treat. User @mike mac said, “This actually looks mad good.” @Mr. Kenzø🧊💫 admitted, “Would def eat this if I was fried.” @No It’s Patrick revealed, “He might be on to something.” @N u n y a b u s i n e s s exclaimed, “What in the state fair! Looks good, though. Not gonna lie.” 

It does look good. People who want to try it also provide minor alterations. User @Officiallyjaida suggested, “Hear me out. Without the milk but with powdered sugar on top.” Now, @Officiallyjaida might be onto something too. If you enjoyed @andyslife247’s video, head over to his TikTok channel. He’s got more food experiment videos for you to salivate over.

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