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Traeger Grills' Recipe for 'Fried Pickle Poppers' Is a Sight to Behold

We’ve heard of fried pickle chips and jalapeños poppers, but fried pickle poppers are a brand new idea to us. TikTok content creator @traegergrills shares their sensational appetizer recipe with us. And we can’t wait to have a party to serve this stuffed treat to our guests!

This is the perfect holiday appetizer to impress your family. May we present, fried pickle poppers!

We wouldn’t have guessed how these were made. We’ve never thought about hollowing out a pickle before. The cheesy, cream-cheese mixture looks sensational, and placing it in a piping bag makes stuffing them very easy. When they come out of the fryer, that beautiful panko dredge is a crispy, golden brown. They're served with chipotle ranch dressing and frankly, this combination is making a drool. This appetizer is next level amazing.

The audience was moved by this unique appetizer, and viewer @GriggsBBQ commented, "It's unfair I'm stuck at work and not at home stuffing my face with these.” Viewer @ShellyOliver43 added, “Not to sound too weird, but I think this may have changed my life. Thank You!” Viewer @Manda chimed in with, “I don’t like pickles, but I do like the fried pickles, so I would definitely try this!” We don't think she’s alone there.

If you’re sick of the plain old cheese and crackers and holiday dips, this recipe will spice up your menu this year. And we're pretty sure you’ll be making this as a party appetizer for years to come. We can’t get these pickle poppers into our mouths fast enough!