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Woman Has Her Friends Dress in Black Tie Attire for 'Fancy' Dinner and Total Hilarity Ensues

Since childhood, many of us have enjoyed playing dress-up. Costumes are found in preschools throughout the states. Children have active imaginations, so pretending to be someone else is fun. But who says we have to grow out of playing dress-up? Sometimes it’s nice to try on new clothes even if you aren’t going somewhere special. The act of putting on clothes can perk you up. However, if an offer to dine out while wearing fancy clothes is ever given, then take it.

In a TikTok video, content creator @jtmobiledetailing shares a hilarious moment with a group of friends. They all arrived wearing lovely attire but weren’t prepared for their destination. They were shocked when they found out where she was actually taking them.

We can’t believe he told them to dress up for eating at Hooters. Don’t get us wrong. Hooters offers tasty wings. But it’s not the type of place you go when wearing a gown. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers reacted to this light-hearted prank. User @user1889468760525 joked, “When you find out your friends have no idea what black tie means.” @Shirley S wrote, “Somehow, it looks more like a prom than a black tie event.” @Jenn Jenn joked, “The business casual is killing me.” @TrenchRN remarked, “Good thing no one was in black tie attire. That would have been so embarrassing.” @Romi Sunga asked, “Lol. Why’d I think you would bring them to Taco Bell?”

We’re not sure why you assumed they were going to Taco Bell @Romi Sunga. Perhaps you were thinking of Taco Bell from Demolition Man. Well, at least they didn’t actually wear black tie attire for Hooters. If you enjoyed the video, please visit @jtmobiledetailing’s TikTok channel. You’ll be happy you did.

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