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Friends' Fun Take on 'Friendsgiving' Sounds Like Such a Blast

If you remember the hit tv show Friends, you’ll recall their hilarious Thanksgiving episodes. They always did the best ones. But now it’s possible to bring the magic of that show into your life with Friendsgiving.

TikTok content creator @thejulialife shared footage of her version of Friendsgiving. We love that they decided to do it with a twist. The element of surprise is the best part!

The Friendsgiving we just saw is amazing. The fact they were not allowed to bring traditional Thanksgiving food made it really special. Who doesn’t love a good surprise? The ice cream sundae section would have held our attention the entire night. But the Korean hot dog assortment blew our minds. We’ve never seen hot dogs look so appetizing. However, we can’t forget the baked mac and cheese, gnocchi and brussels sprouts, pumpkin bread, feta, ricotta pasta, brownies, and white wine. Bravo to her friends. They knew the assignment and succeeded her expectations.

Let’s see how the TikTok community reacted to this delicious Friendsgiving. User @molly asked, “Is mac n cheese not a thanksgiving food?” @kay disclosed, “We did this like three years ago, and everyone brought pasta.” @SUM SUN wrote, “I love this.” @m a r a replied, “How fun! No green bean Cass?” @BadKurlLiLi joked, “The girl with two hands of corndogs probably changed yall’s lives that night.” @maggie admitted, “I aspire to be the wine and gnocchi girl.”

The TikTok crew enjoyed this video and liked the idea of Friendsgiving. Hopefully, it inspired some of you to give it a try. To stay updated on content, visit @thejulialife’s TikTok channel. You won’t be disappointed. 

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