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Tasty Trick for Making Fried Eggs Even Better Couldn't Be Easier

We love finding new ways to make our eggs. And just when we thought there was nothing exciting about frying an egg left to learn, a fabulous new way comes along and proves us wrong. TikTok content creator @thekitchn shows us a whole new way to fry an egg and we have to warn you, it’s going to make you very hungry!

This stunning fried egg recipe will spice up your mornings!

OMG! These eggs look so unbelievably delicious. What a sensational idea! We can just smell that fragrant scallion oil, and those eggs must really sing with all that flavor. We are in love with the idea of serving them over buttered rice with soy sauce, sesame oil, and toasted seaweed. Holy cow! This might jus be our new go-to for making eggs.

The audience was ready to try this out and viewer @Nancy Dougherty480 commented, “I saw this and made it immediately for my family for breakfast. It’s perfect and delicious.” We are confident it was! Viewer @ReverseMurder added, “if this is that good, it'll be the only thing I eat for a month.” We can feel this becoming an obsession, too. Several viewers seemed to be happiest about the butter in the rice. Viewer @Jackie Chan511 chimed in with, "Finally seeing someone else putting butter on rice.” We are in on this buttery rice, too!

If you’re not a breakfast eater, this beautiful egg recipe would also make a gorgeous lunch or dinner. And since we are lucky enough, to have scallions in the fridge right now, we are on our way to the kitchen!