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Woman Shares Recipe for ‘Funeral Sandwiches’ and People Have Opinions

Mini-sandwiches are the perfect on-the-go meal. They’re small enough to carry but filling, so you don’t go hungry. They’re terrific for large gatherings. Plus, the options are endless for what you put inside the sandwiches. If you want a savory taste, consider following the recipe covered in a recent viral video.

TikTok creator @datingindisney assembles her mini-sandwiches with Swiss cheese and ham on Hawaiian rolls baked in a yummy Worcestershire and brown sugar sauce. Now, that sounds good! The recipe is getting quite a bit of buzz! But the name is giving people pause. Check out the video and judge for yourself.

We know the name of these tempting treats may be off-putting to some people. But just because a type of food has a different name doesn’t mean it won’t taste great. Some people are totally here for this recipe. User @meg disclosed, “These are the best things I’ve ever had in my life!” @Jess said, “We make these all the time. My kids love them, minus the poppy.” @Jesus revealed, “I could have these 2-3 times a week… so so good!!!”

Although @Jesus could eat these little beauties multiple times in a week, not everyone is on board. User @thechuckin8r admitted, “I personally like ham, turkey, Colby jack cheese, mayo, and Beano’s submarine sauce, with some Parkay sprayed on top.” Hey, those sound dynamite, too @ thechuckin8r! And for anyone who can’t get past the name, @Kristina Randazzo had a suggestion: “Those are tailgate sandwiches where I come from, much less depressing name lol.”

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Food is meant to be enjoyed. So, whatever you call them, make these sandwiches your way. But we’ll try out @datingindisney’s version first.

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