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Incredible 'Garlic Bread Quesadillas' Are a Guaranteed Winner

This recipe is not like any we’ve seen before. To be honest, when we heard garlic bread quesadilla, we weren't sure what to think. TikTok content creator @simplefood4you has us thinking in a whole new way about two of our favorites.

All of this garlic and buttery goodness is about to make you very hungry!

Nope, we didn't see that twist coming, but we love it so much! For this simple idea, you’ll start by making homemade garlic butter. Blend one stick of butter with minced garlic and freshly diced parsley. When it’s well combined; spread onto a flour tortilla, cover with cheese and then another flour tortilla on top. Pan-fry that magical treat until it’s golden brown, and the cheese is melted. Yes, please.

This looks to die for! Why haven’t we ever thought about doing this? We won’t forget this buttery trick, that’s for sure. We might also like a bit of caramelized diced onions in here, with a little bacon, too. With the garlic butter starter, you could even add a chicken cutlet and serve it with a bit of marinara on the side and have a chicken parm/garlic bread quesadilla. Yummy!

People who watched the clip were also impressed by this creation, and viewer @FoodJunkie commented, “Omg need to try this.” Yes, we do too! Then @SoniaRouseau suggested, "With chicken it would be dope.” That sounds sensational! Viewer @HomeCookinProgress commented, “Life without garlic would just not be fulfilling.” We agree completely.

We are so happy to have learned of this sensational idea! We can’t wait to get a taste of the garlic-buttery delight.