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Man’s Incredible Hack for Making Garlic Butter Is the Stuff of Dreams

Do you enjoy garlic? Well, we do! Garlic adds a unique flavor to whatever it touches. You can sprinkle it into your pasta, salad, or chicken. Garlic goes well with almost every food. If you love garlic as we do, then you probably enjoy garlic bread. What’s not to love about a warm, buttery bread that tastes like garlic? Plus, you can make your own with the help of garlic butter. 

In a Tiktok video by content creator @eitan, he shows us his hack for making garlic butter. While it doesn’t have the same consistency as other garlic butter, we’re positive it’ll taste amazing. This looks totally worth the garlic breath!

Yes, we’re here for all that buttery garlic goodness! But the TikTok community has their opinions about this recipe. User @Bryan joked, “*Eats garlic* “Oh, intense garlic flavour.” @Cleanboy234 said, “Lovely!” @gingerbeardman7770 replied, “Heck yea! My man!” @hdysebrhduehehhfrht commented, “That looks so good.” TikTok foodie @Feel Good Foodie said, “Yes!” Okay, it looks like many people are feeling this garlic butter. 

However, some critics are giving their two cents. User @MaterialGworl said, “Absolutely no.” @evan_jm1 replied, “There are much easier ways to make garlic confit.” @Georgina Burton remarked, “That's not garlic butter. It’s buttered garlic.” @Bailey1333 asked, “Why are we sticking the garlic in the butter just for it to end up in melted butter? Perhaps skip that step?” @Bailey1333 raises a good point. But as always, the option to use this recipe is up to you. If you enjoyed this video, check out @eitan’s TikTok channel.

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