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Woman Cooks Up 10 Pounds of Garlic and People Can't Get Enough

Are you a garlic lover? That’s wonderful because we love it too. Garlic is just divine. It’s a terrific ingredient in almost any food. You can sprinkle some on your eggs. Or add some to your soup broth. Garlic also tastes amazing on toast. But garlic isn’t always ready to use. It depends on why you need it. Garlic can be used in its raw form. You can also buy it in minced, powder, and salt form. However, there is another way to transform garlic into another form.

In a TikTok video, content creator @chefmoise_ shares her recipes for making garlic confit. Making garlic confit is simple, but she uses 10 pounds of garlic. Yes, you read that correctly. No vampires will dare come near her!

Her pot of garlic confit looks delicious. We’ve never seen anyone cook it with rosemary, sage, thyme, and Habanero peppers. We’re positive her garlic confit tastes fantastic. Let’s find out how the TikTok community felt about this recipe. User @Maudea Capocciama said, “Omg, I know your house smelled amazing.” @Mel wrote, “No such thing as too much garlic.” @Jade 🧋 revealed, “I haven’t wanted to make this because it seemed complicated, but the crock pot is a game changer.” @Becky Lasita 2.0 remarked, “The look on my face and the hand on my hip right now watching sternly. This. Is. Gorgeous!” @Nathan’s Art asked, “So, you going invite me over for dinner or what?”

We’re asking the same thing @Nathan’s Art. We’d gladly come to a meal at her home because it’ll be made with love. If you enjoyed this video as we did and want to learn more recipes, please visit @chefmoise_’s TikTok channel. You’ll be glad you did.

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