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Simple Recipe for 'Garlic Herb Cheese Bread' Is a Total Party Stunner

If you are planning on doing some baking this weekend, you need to check out this recipe first! Even if you weren’t planning to bake, after seeing this video, you might feel inspired. TikTok content creator @halfbakedharvest shows us how to prepare a cheesy garlic loaf from scratch. And even an inexperienced baker will be able to make this bread too!

This cheesy bread won’t leave any leftovers behind!

This flavorful bread looks so delicious, even if it was hard, we would find our patience to give it a try. Thankfully, she tells us this recipe is easy. This gorgeous loaf starts by making a simple bread dough. If you're not feeling up to making this yourself, you could pick up a pre-made dough at the supermarket and try it that way too. We won't judge.

Next up is the cheesy cheddar, garlic, and herb filling. She sprinkles that aromatic mixture all over the flattened dough and then rolls it all up into a log, just like you would for cinnamon buns. She slices the soft, doughy log down the middle, exposing that luscious center, and then she braids the two pieces together, and then wraps them into a beautiful round loaf. This bread looks absolutely magical when it comes out of the oven, all toasty, golden, and filled with cheesy goodness. We want to eat this so badly! Right now!

The audience was ready to get their aprons on, and viewer @user3244886701041 said, “I’d eat the whole thing myself.” We understand, we wouldn’t trust ourselves alone with this either! Viewer @ebeccaroves commented, “that cheese pull.” Yep, it’s the stuff our dreams are made of. 

We hadn’t planned on making cheesy-garlic bread this weekend, but after seeing this recipe, you won’t be able to stop us!