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'Garlic Parmesan Stuffed Cheesy Biscuits' Have Us in a Trance

If you’ve sworn off carbs, this next video may cause you to experience some pain. But if you love a good soft, garlic, cheesy roll, this recipe is going to make you put your apron on. TikTok content creator @alwayscravingish shows us how to make savory biscuits with ease. 

These cheesy rolls will go perfectly with your Thanksgiving turkey!

Those rolls look way too good to be that easy. Those soft pillows filled with cheese are making our mouths water. This effortless recipe comes together with just a few ingredients. She uses Grands biscuits, garlic butter, and string cheese. First, she splits the biscuit in half, and then she places several diced pieces of the string cheese in the center. She puts them in a baking dish and gives them a brush of garlic butter and sprinkles shredded cheese on top before baking. 

They get a sprinkle of parmesan when they emerge from the oven, and boy, do they look sensational! Yes, this is just what we needed today! These beautiful biscuits can be devoured perfectly plain or you could dip them into marinara sauce, too. An Alfredo sauce might taste delicious here as well. 

The audience was excited to give these rolls a try. Viewer @marirari commented, “It’s that easy!!!! Adding this to my Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you!” Viewer @WearetheRiveras inquired, “What garlic spread did you use?” And the video creator @alwayscravingish replied, “My personal favorite is using any butter I have in the fridge, then I chopped up some parsley, sometimes chives also, and mince some garlic and mix.” Great to know!

We 're happy to see Grands biscuits and string cheese in our fridge today. We can't wait for Thanksgiving, we're making these cheesy rolls to have with a nice cabernet this evening.