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Man Attempts to Make a Giant ‘Oreo Cookie’ and the Outcome Is Epic

Cookies and milk go hand-in-hand. But there’s one cookie that automatically comes to mind when we want to munch and dunk. It’s the Oreo. Oreos are a delicious chocolate cookie sandwich with a creamy center. Oreos have been around since 1912, and it’s easy to see why. Just one mention of the word Oreo, and people want to devour an entire pack. Today’s video will send you into Oreo craving overload if you’re a fan.

In a TikTok video by content creator @nicktguy, he attempts to create a giant Oreo cookie sandwich. While we may have eaten Oreo cupcakes, ice cream, or deep-fried Oreos, a large one is new to us. We never would’ve thought of this!

Okay, just shove the entire Oreo into our mouths. We won’t mind because it’ll be worth it. @nicktguy really understood his assignment and nailed it. Let’s see if the TikTok community loves it. User @Angel_vr10 said, “Ima need that cream.” @Emily Nguyen revealed, “Lol! I’m eating Oreos right now.” @issybusybee! asked, Can I pleaseeeeeee have it?” @Jasper wrote, “Bro, I love your vids. They’re sick.” @TheRandomVideoShop remarked, “@OREO, look at this masterpiece!” @Daniel crooks suggested, “Not big enough. Make it bigger.” @Thank you commented, “New follow.”

Yes, this video got a lot of replays from us. It’s just an upbeat and tasty clip. If you enjoyed this video, head over to @nicktguy’s TikTok channel. There’s more outrageous food-related content waiting to entertain you. But make sure you bring along some Oreos if you watch this video again. 

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