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'Go Chuck Yourself' Burger Challenge in Toronto Ends With a Surprising Finisher

Every year groups of people participate in a variety of competitions. But one of the most popular competitions is eating contests. Eating contests allow the participant to consume a specific food within a set time. Two well-known eating contents include hot dogs and chicken wings. While both sound like they’d be easy to win, you never know how filling those foods are until you try to cram 20 of them down your throat. However, some eating competitions push hot dogs and wings to the side in favor of burgers.

In a TikTok video by content creator @rainaiscrazy, she filmed herself participating in the Go Chuck Yourself Burger Challenge held in Toronto, Ontario. The person needs to consume a towering burger in six minutes. We’re not sure who could defeat that burger. We would need a partner to finish that for us.

After the burger was set on the table, all we could do was think, “no way could we finish it.” We’d need to take a significant portion of it home. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers felt about part one. User @chaosisfine said, “That’s like the first challenge video where I think I could finish it.” @Macaroni117 said, “That looks really good.” @Nick Camejo revealed, “My toxic trait is thinking I can finish that.” @lufffffy2 joked, “I could definitely eat it, but not in 6 minutes! I’d lose, lol, more like 30-45 while talking.” That’s still better than what we could do @lufffffy2. But who won the competition?

Wow! She slaughtered the competition with time to spare! You go, girl! We’re in awe of her eating skills. She’s amazing. Let’s see if the TikTok viewers were surprised. User @bingy baby wrote, “Me, who barely eats a couple of chips before getting full: Yeah, I can definitely do that.” @Roy Shannon rejoiced, “Smoked that dude. Left him in the dust.” We totally agree, @Roy Shannon. We enjoyed this video. If you want to stay updated on her upcoming competitions, visit @rainaiscrazy’s TikTok channel. It’ll give you the inspiration you need to go after your goals.

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