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Dad Makes Gourmet Meal Out of 'McDonald's' Chicken Nuggets and We're Pretty Impressed

McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets are some of the best you can buy. The all-white meat is tender underneath a crispy outer shell. You'll go to fast food heaven when you add on some of those magical fries and a drink. But what if there was a way you could improve on an already yummy meal? Well, improvement is precisely what happens in a recent TikTok video.

TikTok user @jetbentlee is the son of Chef Susur Lee. In a recent video, Jet hands his dad a bag of McDonald’s food. He proceeds to ask him to turn it into a gourmet meal. The end result is impressive. We'll never look at chicken nuggets the same way again.

Holy moly, that looks amazing! Did you know chicken nuggets could become gnocchi? We didn’t either. But the TikTok viewers are here for it. User @McDonald’s Canada said, “Ok, ok, ok. I am wowed. I am impressed. I am in awe.” @Mel Z replied, “I love watching your dad cook! Chefs Kiss.” @ Kristina Monti Jakop remarked, “Sautéed grapes? I have never heard of that before. We need more information, please.” User @ Mike Pacheco said, “Honestly, it makes my day every time you post a video. I see the relationship the guys have, and it's awesome. Your dad’s humor is the cherry on top!”

Yes, we enjoyed this video too. Chef Lee’s personality and cooking skills keep us wanting to see more. If you’re interested in viewing more culinary delights, check out his son’s TikTok page @jetbentlee. But make sure you eat first because the man can burn.

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