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Grandma's Reaction to Granddaughter Refusing to Eat Her Food Before Her Wedding Is Priceless

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Many tasks need to be done. You may not have time to take a break through the insanity of choosing a dress, seating arrangements, and menu. Some brides-to-be will even skip meals intentionally or unintentionally before walking down the aisle. If you fall into the category of hungry brides-to-be, you’re not alone. In today’s video, we have a bride about to hear some sweet words from her grandmother regarding her eating habits.

In a TikTok video by content creator @mynonnafina, she shares a poignant moment with her grandmother she calls Nonna. Her Nonna is a true gem for telling her granddaughter the truth. We all need a grandma like this to set us straight.

We wish all grandmothers were this amazing. She really melted our hearts with her words of kindness. Let’s see how many TikTok viewers love Nonna’s words of encouragement. User @Megan Dalessandro said, “NONNA needs to be protected at all costs.” @Cheeto revealed, “Your Nonna is so beautiful xxxxxxxx.” @Georgie Osborne said, “Nonna is a girl’s girl. We love her.” @myrtle replied, “You listen to Nonna! Don't look like a witch. You're beautiful.” @Beegardened remarked, “Nonna knows best. There's no way she's letting you leave her presence without eating something.” @alyssa&herbooks exclaimed, “She sounds EXACTLY like my Nonna!!!"

Her Nonna is the best. We love her spirit and appreciate her honesty. If you liked the video and want more Nonna footage, visit @mynonnafina’s TikTok channel. It’s full of helpful truth bombs you don’t want to miss.

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