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102-Year-Old Grandma's 'Secret' to Staying Healthy Has Us Sold

We will always follow the advice, of those who have made it 100 years. They must be doing something right, and it’s important to learn their secrets! TikTok content creator @grandmalena102 shares the secret to reaching 102 years young!

Keep that bottle handy if you want to see 100!

We love her so much! This is health advice we can totally get behind. Our doctors might not agree with this practice, but until they reach 100, they might want to take a few notes from Grandma Lena. She tells us that she has remained COVID-free, because after she talks to people, she takes a shot of Hennessy. It burns her nose and throat and apparently; she feels it’s also burning out those germs. Who could disagree? With the bright spirit of a child, she’s looking pretty darn good and pretty sharp too. Hey, she has made it for 102 years! Her whiskey methods appear to be far more effective than any pharmaceutical or fitness trend you can find.

The audience also loved Grandma Lena and her sage advice seemed to resonate with them, too. Viewer @AudraHelton commented, “There was a sweet lady we knew years ago, she lived to be nearly a hundred. She swore her secret was a shot of Ole Granddad whiskey every night.” Viewer @MaryAsch also shared, “My relative passed at 105yrs old and she had a shot of brandy every night.” We believe those stories are true; our grandparents also had a drink each night and lived long, healthy lives into their late 90s.

Let’s not forget that the key to this secret is probably moderation. So we can give this method a shot, while being mindful to only take a shot each day! And maybe 2, but only if you’ve been talking to a lot of people.