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Grandma Makes Homemade Limoncello for Her 'Grandchildren on TikTok' in Priceless Video

The only thing that could be better then drinking limoncello while sitting on a balcony overlooking the Amalfi coast, is drinking limoncello with this Nonna. We love everything about TikTok content creator @nonnagracie, and we would sure love to share a drink with this sweet Italian grandmother.

You’re going to want to get drunk with Nonna too after watching her make limoncello for her "grandchildren on TikTok."

We seriously need to be adopted by this sweet woman. If you’ve ever wondered how this liquor is made, she gives us a lesson on lemons, so that we can make our own. She peels the lemons and then pours grain alcohol into a glass jar with the skins. Wowza, this stuff packs a punch! She lets that sit for a week to develop the flavor. After a week, she adds simple syrup, consisting of sugar and water, to the lemon mixture. Now, it’s time to get your glasses!

The thing we love most about Italians is their ability to make anything containing alcohol a special purpose beverage. She tells us this drink is a “digestivo,” an after-dinner drink that aids in digestion. We're not exactly sure on this science, but since the Italians live long, healthy lives, who are we to question their methods?

The audience was in love with Nonna, too, and viewer @KatieAustin commented, “I adore Nonna with my entire heart.” Commenter @user609805264334 tells us, “We need to protect Nonna at all costs.” Yes, we sure do! 

Even if your Grandma doesn’t make limoncello, if you’re lucky enough to have her, maybe you can make this drink for her instead. We know if we had ours, we would be inviting them over to get a little tipsy with us, too!