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Man’s Recipe for ‘Grandma-Style’ Pizza Looks Almost Too Good to Eat

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It’s almost impossible for many of us to believe not everyone has eaten pizza. But it’s true. While pizza has become a staple here in the U.S., there are plenty of places in the world that don’t offer it. Thankfully, if you’re one of the lucky people, you’re not too far away from a pizza place. If you’re not able to pick it up, there’s always delivery. Either way, you can get your pizza fix when needed. However, making your own pizza is a fun and delicious activity everyone should try once.

In a recent TikTok video by content creator @delishaas, we’re given a look at his “grandma-style” pizza. When you look at his recipe, you know it’s different from what you usually eat. We’ll never make homemade pizza the same way again!

Doesn’t it look incredible?! The sauces make it look so tasty. We never thought to add multiple sauces to one pizza. It could definitely work. Let’s see if the TikTok community is ready to make grandma-style pizza. User @Kristina said, “I am so sad I am not currently eating this.” @caseinspace disclosed, “It’s true, I do eat pizza for the sauce, and I eat fries for the ketchup.” @Lizzy replied, “I’ve never seen Grandma’s like this, but I am drooling!”

Alright, grandma-style pizza is a hit! We’d love to make this in our kitchen. But we would add a few toppings since we’re usually extra hungry. If this recipe got your salivary glands going, check out his TikTok channel @delishaas. You’ll be happy you did.