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Grandma's Reaction to Trying 'Boba' Tea for the First Time Is Too Cute

There are some of us who love to try new things. There are also some of us who are content to keep enjoying what we know we like. Depending on where you fall into those categories, now, will probably determine your adventurous nature later in life. TikTok content creator @grandma_is_dancing shows off Grandma’s child-like spirit trying boba tea, and it couldn't be more priceless!

We understand exactly how you feel, Grandma.

We love Grandma so much. Her adorable reaction has us in stitches! We understand her reaction completely. We felt the same way the first time we tried this tea, too. It’s a strange kind of feeling to chew your drink. We give her so much credit for even trying it, especially with the name she thought it had. Ha! We hope to take a page from her playbook and keep trying new things once we reach Grandma’s age. Her positive attitude is so infectious. What a perfect reminder to maintain a great mindset.

The audience was feeling the love for this sweet grandmother. Viewer @TSmith commented, “If grandma wants to call it then we stand with Grandma.” LOL. Viewer @90s00sletsgoback chimed in with, “But the way she said as if that were a completely normal acceptable name for a drink.” That’s a funny and excellent point. Viewer @ColleenRiccitti added, "We could bridge generations here with the word “tapioca”.” That’s an astute point, and it's probably very true!

If you still have your Grandma, make sure you bring her a Boba tea if you can. If you are too far away to bring her a tea, let this adorable lady be a reminder to give yours a call.