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Grandma's Celebratory Birthday Breakfast Doesn't Go As Planned and We're Cracking Up

As we age, the annual birthday celebration may not resemble what it used to when we were young. Instead of going out to a club until dawn, we may want to enjoy a quiet dinner with an intimate group. Or maybe you’ll skip the gathering and head straight for a vacation in a new destination. All of these birthday celebration options are fine. However, by the time you’re elderly and suffering from Alzheimer’s, you may not want to celebrate.

A heart-warming TikTok video by content creator @lisatabitha1 captures a hilarious moment with her grandmother. Her grandmother eats her birthday breakfast but isn’t a fan of one particular aspect. Her feisty attitude is everything to us. Could she get any cuter?

We can’t get enough of grandma Mick. She’s just the best grandma we’ve watched in a while. We don’t blame her for wanting to yank that bow off. We would have done the same thing. Let’s check in with the TikTok viewers to see how they felt about Mick’s breakfast. User @tishsammie said, “I agree with her about the bow. LOL.” @Pam S Woody exclaimed, “I don’t blame her!” @Tracey Lynn remarked, “Bless her precious little heart. She ain't having that bow.” @MeLiNdA said, “I’d be the same if somebody put that on my head.” @Lawanda Franklin exclaimed, “Happy birthday, queen!”

Thank goodness Mick is surrounded by her family during her special day. We love seeing her showered with love. If you loved this video as we did, please visit @lisatabitha1’s TikTok channel. It’s full of grandma Mick content you don’t want to miss.

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