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Viral Video of Woman’s Unconventional Way to Cook Chicken Has People Buzzing

Cooking chicken happens every day around the world. People are always coming up with new ways to prepare this succulent bird. But sometimes, people try to improve a method. Whether it works or fails depends on the chef. However, we encourage all cooks to take a chance on an idea. You’ll never know if it’s a hit or miss until you try it.

In a viral video with over 6.7M views, user @myjanebrain shows us her recipe for fried chicken. Now, we understand people are sensitive to fried chicken recipes. It’s probably because it’s such a beloved food in our culture, but we assure you the recipe won’t disappoint. The result looks like it’s worth it.

The fried chicken breast looks delish! It’s a pretty golden-brown color and is probably crispy yet juicy. That’s how we want our fried chicken to be. However, a slew of people on TikTok point out what they would do differently. We understand, but let’s focus on what went right. User @Eons_forever said, “Looks great. Ignore the haters.” @(Amreen Singh) replied, “Why are y’all judging the way they made it? It’s just a video.” @saida asif bibi asked, “Why is everyone hating on her recipe? It’s her taste of how she likes it. She’s only sharing it. Take it or not, your choice, but you don’t have to be rude.” 

We agree with @saida asif bibi. If you don’t want to follow her recipe, that’s your choice, but please be respectful. As another user said, “It looks good to me. And it didn’t seem difficult.” Our thoughts exactly. Plus, the yogurt will add something. You know chicken marinated in yogurt is terrific if you’ve ever eaten Tandoori chicken. So, serve us a plate, and let’s eat.

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