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Man's Joke About the Reality of Grocery Shopping in His Home Town Makes Us LOL

Do you do your grocery shopping a few towns over from where you live? In order to avoid conversations with people you know? TikTok content creator @typointoh shows us how to manage the grocery store encounters that we all dread. His solution to this problem is priceless, and we can’t stop laughing.

Next time you're shopping, you can try out this perfect pivot!

Yep, we’ve all done this. It’s not usually about the other person. Sometimes we’re just in a rush. Sometimes it’s because we are four weeks overdue on our highlights and we don’t need anyone talking smack about our gray hairs. And sometimes it’s because we’ve had a long, hard day, and we don’t feel like making small talk.

The audience was also understanding of this problem and viewer @jenn.h.848 commented, “I used to be a correction officer. I do this when I see those I've stripped searched as well. Thank goodness for ordering online.” Ok, that’s a much better excuse than ours! 

The audience kept us laughing, and @user3380874614963 tells us, "The last time I was in my hometown, I ran into the store after my flight landed and out walks my high school bf through the sliding doors. Worst luck.” Yep, fresh off a plane looking especially horrific, would be our luck too. Viewer @blondegirl762001 adds, “Honestly.. Sometimes I even do it with family lol.” We respect the honestly and understand it completely. Viewer @Jami tells us what we have always hoped for, "Don’t worry, I’ll also act very interested in some random item so we can pass each other in peace.” We like you Jami.

Next time you’re shopping and you need to pivot, you can do it without the guilt, knowing that you’re not alone.