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Simple 'Ground Beef and Rice Skillet' Is an Ideal Weeknight Meal

With the hectic holiday season fast approaching, we love recipe ideas that make life easier. TikTok content creator @onebalancedlife shares her sensational and easy one pan recipe for beef and rice. This comforting meal is the kind that sticks to your bones and it will leave you feeling warm and satisfied.

You can serve this meal with a fork, spoon, or tortilla chips!

This meal looks so delicious! Sign us up for anything using only one pan on a weeknight. For this easy recipe, she starts by sautéing, garlic and onion, then she adds ground beef and taco seasoning. She rinses and drains a can of black beans and corn. She adds those along with green chilies, beef, broth, salsa, and rice. She brings the mixture to a boil. 

Then, she educes the heat and continues to cook for 8 to 9 minutes. She tell us to top this dish with shredded cheese and cilantro if we'd like. We think we might like to roll this mixture up in a tortilla, top it with cheese, and have ourselves a burrito. Yummy! On the recipe page she mentions adding sour cream or greek yogurt, to make the sauce more creamy if desired. That sounds like a nice idea, too!

The audience enjoyed learning about this smart dinner idea. Viewer @StefeniePante commented, "Made this tonight for dinner!!!! Sooooo good!!” Excellent to hear, we can’t wait to taste this for ourselves!

We are always happy to have a new and easy dinner idea. This one pot feast will easily become part of our weeknight menu. We might even save the leftovers for dipping on game day!