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Guy Eats Nothing but Incredible Pizza for a Full Day and We're So Envious

Finding time to sit down and eat could be a struggle if you're constantly on the go. It amazes me that our schedules have become so busy that the simple act of eating needs to be penciled in. But that’s the world we live in. If you’re like us, you enjoy foods that make you feel good. One of our favorite go-to foods is pizza. You can top the pizza with anything you want. By doing so, you can make it as healthy as you want.

In today’s TikTok video, content creator @theresa.leung shares footage of himself eating pizza for an entire day. Get ready to widen your eyes because he eats a large quantity of fabulous-looking pizza. Why does pizza always look so good?

Wow! We don’t know which slice was our favorite, so we’ll say all of them. But if we had to pick The Prince Street, Pizza caught our gaze, and we couldn’t turn away. Let’s see which slice the TikTok viewers wanted to sample. User @stinky said, “Prince Street and artichoke is so good.” @QfromtheBX wrote, “Joe’s and Prince Street is by far the best in the country.” @eatrichordietryin replied, “Why are you gonna do this to me? Now I want pizza.” @Amozanisik11 revealed, “L&B is a MUST have when you go or live in NY.” @urfavmf said, “Joe's pizza looks so good.”

All of the slices he ate looked divine. If we ever get the opportunity to taste all of them, we will. If you enjoyed watching this video, please visit @theresa.leung’s TikTok channel. You’ll be glad you did.

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