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Guy's Tip For Searing a Steak Is What We All Needed in Home Economics

Learning how to cook is a necessary life skill. It’s one that used to be all up to the world's women. The exception, of course, was chefs. But in the home, the wife and mother were expected to cook. Thank goodness those dark days are over. No longer is cooking considered a woman’s job. It’s a life skill that everyone should learn. One of the best things to learn how to cook is steak. If you know how to cook a steak, you won’t have to dine out to enjoy one. 

In a TikTok video by content creator @gidsgids shows us the proper way to sear a steak. We were amazed by his simple technique. But it will help many people. Why don’t people share this type of information?

Getting burned by popping grease or the rim of a skillet isn’t fun. But we’re sure most of you have don’t it before. That’s why this tip for searing a steak is helpful. It’ll prevent unnecessary and painful burns. Let’s see if the TikTok community found this post interesting. User @Stella ‘n Spice 🌶 wrote, “My first cooking scar was from an oven. How embarrassing. LOL.” @Jem-san💎 said, “The pain builds CHARACTER. LOL.” @GX. remarked, “I still got my burn marks from culinary school.” @Javy joked, “If you don’t have a scar, you can’t be called a chef. LOL.”

We’re sure scars are a right of passage for any chef or cook. But that doesn’t mean we need them every time we cook. We enjoyed this post and hoped you did too. To stay up-to-date on content, visit @gidsgids’ TikTok channel. The tips you see might save you.

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