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Man's Clever Hack for Getting Corn Off the Cob Has Us Fascinated

How many times have you looked at a recipe you thought sounded good, but decided it simply took too much prep work to make? We know we've been there. This is often the case when someone wants to make a dish with fresh corn but they don't want to go through the effort of taking the kernels off the cobs. If you can relate, this hack is for you!

In a TikTok video posted by @denisemellott300, she showcases her son's creative hack for taking corn off the cob efficiently and effectively. In the video, he can be seen removing all of the corn from nine cobs in just 45 seconds. Check out the video to discover this great hack and level-up your corn game!

This is GENIUS! Using an angel food cake pan to shove the stalk through the hole means it is narrow enough to get the cob through the hole but small enough to remove the kernels.

Many people in the comment section of this video are impressed with the ingenuity of this hack. @toxie_roxie expressed her appreciation with her comment: "I hate bitting into corn in the cob, I love the flavor/texture of fresh corn personally. I LOVE this idea. I’ve just been using a knife." Another user, @nerys71, said "That is pretty cool, though. Fast and efficient!"

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Some people suggested using frozen or canned corn instead of going through the effort of removing the kernels. @sugarsuitepee88 put it best with her rebuttal: "All you people saying frozen and canned is the same thing have obviously never had farm fresh sweet corn and it shows." Fresh sweet corn is truly so delicious! It's a must try for everyone.

We can already tell this new corn hack is going to make our family dinner prep so much easier!

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