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Men From Haiti Try ‘Chick-fil-A’ for the First Time and Their Reactions Are Everything

We all know what it feels like to try something for the first time. Often, our facial expression mirrors our emotions. If you’ve just learned to ride a bike, the look of amazement will replace fear. When you pass your driver’s test, a look of relief washes over the stress. Of course, tasting a new food can trigger apprehension, especially if the food is from a different culture.

In a recent TikTok video with over 5.1M views, content creator @rickologist filmed his Haitian cousins eating a Chick-fil-A  chicken sandwich for the first time. Many of us were young the first time we ate at this restaurant, and we may not remember the taste. But the reactions of these two men are priceless. The look on their faces really says it all!

We really appreciated watching as his cousins tasted the food at Chick-fil-A! TikTok creators were equally as pleased. User @Faith 🥰 replied, “So adorable. His curiosity is so innocent.” @Leviah Israel said, “They don’t eat fast-food in Haiti. I love it there. Everything is fresh and cooked from scratch.” @rowdyrhonda commented, “I love that for them.” @Jemboly Gee suggested, “This is so wholesome. Tell them to try the honey roasted BBQ sauce, though.” Perhaps they will try the honey-roasted BBQ sauce in part two. Let’s check it out to find out.

Well, the second video didn’t disappoint. Somehow the waffle fries disappeared between parts one and two. But the fact he didn’t want to finish it because he wanted it to last was awesome. User @HuNCH0 joked, “Rest in peace” Nah, for real, Chick-fil-A ain’t nothing to play with. LOL.” @diiyaa202 observed, “Love his energy.” @DeeDee agreed, “We feel the same way eating it.” Indeed, we do @DeeDee. Hopefully, his cousins will take him there again because he will need a Chick-fil-A fix soon.

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