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Viral Video of 'Halloween Mimosas' Recipe Is So Good We Can't Stand It

If you’re looking for a fabulous Halloween drink idea, you’ll fall in love with this one. You won't be able to guess the special ingredient and its unmatched creativity, gets an A+++ from us. TikTok content creator @byjamiemichelle shows us her amazing skills, and we are blown away!

You'll be throwing a party just to impress your friends with this Halloween mimosas recipe! The secret ingredient is the best part.

We're speechless after seeing these drinks. We aren’t sure how she came up with this magic, but we are so glad she did! For this spooky mimosa, she brilliantly uses champagne with a grenadine "blood" syringe. Pure. Freaking. Genius. This might be our favorite Halloween drink ever! 

The possible combinations for this beverage are infinite. You can even do an alcohol-free version, Shirley Temple-style, with ginger ale and grenadine. Some of your adult party guests may feel warmly nostalgic about that old-school drink, and the kids will be thrilled, too!

The audience offered up some other great variations. Viewer @HannahMiller commented,“These would be so good with pomegranate juice!” We think that sounds great, or even cranberry juice could work, too. Commenter @PaigeWunderFadden shared another great idea, saying, “I would use Chambord.” How fancy and delicious! If you don’t like champagne or ginger ale, viewer @ElleWagner offers another great alternative: “Okay, but imagine this with a vodka-infused raspberry puree moment.” Wow, we like the way she thinks!

However you decide to make this concoction, we know it will be a hit! We are very grateful to have learned of this creative drink idea, and we can’t wait to serve it to our friends!